Monday, October 31, 2011

Chinese Ornament

Painted china bottle. This composition is essentially Chinese; not only the flowers and leaves have the peculiar Chinese character, but the fragmentary style of the composition, starting from the flowers, yet linked together, is much less artistic than the continuous stem seeking out and embracing all the flowers symmetrically arranged.
From Examples of Chinese ornament, by Owen Jones, London, 1867.

Medieval Church Decoration

Beautiful Medieval church decoration inspiration. For more see the book:

Lovely Iznik ceramics

Iznik ceramics from Istanbul.

Blue and Black Vintage

Stunning vintage pattern in blue and black.

Vintage Ros Garden

Lovely vintage rose pattern.

Arabic Tile Star

Star of David pattern on this gorgeous tile.

Crewel Window

This is a stained glass pattern, so inspiring and beautiful!
You can get this stained glass pattern here:

Art Deco Daisies

Beautiful, geometric Art Deco Daisies.

Some Art Nouveau Inspiration

Inspiration of Art Nouveau was come from natural forms to create organic foliate designs and curvilinear motifs. Basically, Art Nouveau used a simplified figurative style of illustration which is including mannered figures, floral motifs, whiplash lines, hyperbolas and parabolas of lines, drawn with characteristic heavy outlines.

Apres Ski

Beautiful geometric pattern in purple, pinks and blues.

China Tiles in Blue and White

Blue and White Tiled Pattern Mandala

Blue and white tiles, gorgeous mandala pattern

Vintage Rainbow Stripes Pattern

Amazing vintage pattern, stripes in rainbow.

Tiles, Flowers, Yellow and Blue

Love the design in these gorgeous tiles.

Folk Folksy Seamless Pattern